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    Meg Epstein is a well-known real estate developer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who resides in Nashville, Tennessee's Davidson County. She is the founder and CEO of CA South Development, a Nashville-based company that aims to develop modern, lifestyle-efficient properties that transform how people interact with their local communities.


    Epstein's background is in Sacramento, California, where she grew up before moving to Tennessee to pursue her passions. She brings a West Coast-inspired modern aesthetic to real estate design in the heart of the Southeast. Outside of her professional and charitable work, Epstein enjoys hobbies such as sailing, yoga, and travel. She is also an active volunteer at her local church, Celebrity Center Nashville, Church of Scientology, where she works on human rights campaigns, protecting parents' rights, and pursuing religious freedom.


    Epstein established CA South Development in 2016 and has been its founder and CEO ever since. The company, headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, has grown under Epstein's expert guidance from designing predominantly home living spaces to becoming a go-to developer for an array of residential, industrial, mixed-use, and office projects.


    As one of the most forward-thinking developers in the region, Epstein and her team at CA South Development are committed to a forward-thinking approach to life and work. They have worked on projects that span the entire Nashville metropolitan area, from Franklin to Hendersonville and beyond.


    Before founding CA South Development, Epstein worked as a project manager and owner's representative for high-net-worth clients, where she oversaw various high-end residential construction schemes. She later worked as a building process consultant, where she helped private clients build their dream homes by assembling skilled teams and overseeing the construction process. Eventually, she ventured into speculation with partners, which led to the launch of CA South Development.


    Overall, Meg Epstein is a successful entrepreneur, dedicated philanthropist, and real estate developer, who is dedicated to developing modern, lifestyle-efficient properties that are designed to revolutionize the way people interact with their local communities.

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